Martin Reesink


Called to the Ontario Bar in 2001 after completing degrees at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Martin Reesink has worked since 2007 to build a Law Office capable of quickly and effectively responding to your needs. He understands how criminal charges can damage one's reputation, threaten a work situation, family and social networks.

Reesink Law is here to help you face your criminal charges and find the best outcome for you. You have rights; even before you are charged, your interaction with authorities needs to be equitably managed and your Charter rights need to be provided and respected. Martin is here to help guide you. From theft and impaired driving, to sexual assault or drug charges and far more in between, Reesink Law will protect your rights.

Reesink law office


 We ensure your rights are protected: efficiently, promptly and fairly.
The values that govern Reesink Law are your freedoms, your rights, timeliness,
cost-effectiveness, and thoroughness.

Tanya Pierce
Executive Manager

Tanya has 30 years experience working with people, along with an organization that mentored to street youth with addictions. Tanya is a Commissioner for taking Affidavits. Ms. Pierce has great time management skills, pleasant and professional phone manner, excellent at multi-tasking with organizational attributes that are great assets in managing and overseeing the daily running of this busy Law Office. As well Tanya can assist with Provincial Offences Matters.

Valérie Black
Articling Student

Valérie holds a joint Law degree, in Common Law and Civil Law, from McGill University and a Bachelor's degree in Conflict Studies and Human Rights from the University of Ottawa. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Journal of Law and Justice and a legal advisor for the Innocence McGill Legal Clinic. She is fully bilingual in French and English, a fierce advocate for your rights, and will give you the full defense you deserve.

Charlotte Babillon
Legal Assistant

Charlotte Babillon is currently a student in the criminology program at Carleton University. A graduate of Lycée Claudel, with Honorable mention, Charlotte is fully bilingual in French and English. She can assist with booking appointments, providing Legal Information and review evidence on your file. Ms. Babillon is a key player in maintaining an organized and efficient Law Office.