Criminal Law

Whether you are being investigated by police, have the authorities at your door, or on the phone, or you have already been charged, or you are in the middle of a trial, or being sentenced and punished for an offence, Reesink Law advises you and protects your rights.

You hold the purse strings. No useless expenses.

When you entrust your matter to Reesink Law, you decide what steps to take, based on the advise we provide. Regardless of the charge or investigation, at each step, you make the decision based on clear-cut advice.

Have you:

  • been charged with an assault?

  • been charged with a drug offence?

  • been charged with a DUI or other traffic offense?

  • been charged with theft or robbery?

  • been charged with mischief, or a graffiti-related offence?

  •  been charged with fraud or other financial crimes?

  • been charged and under 18 (Youth Criminal Justice Act)?

  • facing charges involving a weapon or firearm?

  • under pressure to speak to police?

  • previously released on a recognizance or undertaking?

  • worried that a criminal record will impact your life lives 

Reesink Law is here for you.