Legal Representation

Our firm can represent you in a variety of matters. Book an appointment today to discuss your case.

Criminal Law

If you have been arrested you will want to have a solid defence counsel at your side to protect your rights. Our firm routinely handles cases with charges of impaired driving, assault, sexual assault, theft, robbery, drug possession and trafficking, attempted murder, and many more.

Family Law

If you are facing divorce or child custody issues, our firm will be by your side and will take care of filing all documents, as well as ensure your representation in court. We can also assist with family contracts, pre-nuptial and separation agreements.

Military Law

As a former LCdr with the Judge Advocate General's Office (JAG) in the Canadian Forces, Martin Reesink has unique understanding and experiences with and in the Canadian military. Our firm has acted as defence counsel on numerous Courts-Martial and is ready to defend Officers and non-commissioned service members alike, in Canada and abroad.

Police & Government

If you believe that you have been discriminated against by a government body, or if you are a victim from excessive use of force or racial profiling by police officers, our firm will be happy to represent you and advocate for your rights.

Landlord & Tenant Board

We understand that facing housing insecurities can be extremely stressful. Our legal team is sensitive to those issues and can assist you with your matters at the Landlord et Tenant Board.

Legal Services

Navigating legal documents isn't easy.
We are here to help and will assist your with your needs.

Demand Letters

If you are facing issues with a company or a person and they aren't cooperating with you, our firm can assist in writing a Demand Letter. This is the first step to try and resolve an issue before starting legal proceedings.

Wills and Power of Attorney

Mr. Reesink is a Notary Public and can assist you with drafting your Will and Power of Attorney.

Notarization and Commissioner of Oath

If you need a document notiarized or commissioned, our firm will be happy to assist you.